Coastal Content Inland

Teaching Coastal Content Inland

Since the removal of the coastal endorsement for Instructor qualifications there has been much talk about how to deliver the coastal elements.

From a practical standpoint this effects Power Boat Instructors more than anyone else, as there are practical elements which need to be delivered even if you are operating inland and some creativity needs to be employed to help make this happen.

Lets remind ourselves of what is in Section C (Coastal Section) see to the right >>>

Baring in mind the 'CAN' sections are the parts which the students must be able to do practically, they need to demonstrate they can use a:

  • Steering Compass

  • Hand Bearing compass.

The part about Section A on Coastal Waters no longer applies...

So that's it! At basic level, take 2 compasses out afloat and drive towards a bearing or take a bearing off something distinguishable (such as a water tower), would cover the content!

RYA Powerboat Level 2 Syllabus

Section C : Coastal

Knowledge of:



What about a 'chart'?

Bing Maps - provide free Ordinance Surveys and are really handy for being able to locate key landmarks, but also enable you to work out a heading - Example of Staunton Harold Reservoir on the right>>>>

There is further details about how to delivery the coastal content in the below RYA article:

Click Here to read full article